QA – Quality Assurance Factors- Defect vs Fault vs Failure

Quality Assurance (QA) makes sure obstacles such as Defect, Fault and Failure are eliminated in a controlled manner. All three are somewhat negative towards a positive goal. Remember that equal positivity against a specific negativity result in neutral. To out perform and to glitter apart QA team needs to work systematically. Defect vs Fault vs… Continue reading QA – Quality Assurance Factors- Defect vs Fault vs Failure

Test Case Scenarios vs Test Cases

Documenting Test Case Scenarios and Test Cases is a vital part in Software Testing/Quality Assurance. Test Cases and Test Case Scenarios makes sure all functional requirements are available and functioning as expected within the software being built. Test Case Scenarios Test case scenarios(TCS) are requirements of software testing. These are created for each and every… Continue reading Test Case Scenarios vs Test Cases

Test Planning

Test Plan is created and maintained by the test lead/ QA lead. Only the QA lead should be able edit in a controlled manner. Inputs are got from Functional Requirement Document(FRD) to create the Test Plan. It is impossible to add, review, document, update, and maintain the Test Plan on his/her own. So developers plays… Continue reading Test Planning