Sharing a Directory/Folder between Linux(Kali) and Windows

There are various ways to do this. Make sure both hosts connected property by using the ‘ping’ command.

  1. Share the folder properly in Windows. You can check this shared folders using ‘net share’ command in CMD. Let’s assume as ‘shared_files’.
  2. Install CIFS Utilities in Linux(Kali or Debian) host. Run the command:
    • apt-get install cifs-utils
  3. Update Linux host to latest repositories.
    • apt-get install update
  4. Create a directory to mount the shared folder
    • mkdir test_folder
  5. Mount the shared folder onto ‘test_folder’
    • mount.cifs //<Windows host name or IP>/<shared folder in windows> <mounting directory in linux> -o username=<windows user name>,password=<windows password>
    • Example:
    • mount.cifs // test_folder -o username=user,password=123

Now you have shared the folder successfully. If you done correctly you could see the mounted directory in File Explorer.

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