SDLC – Phases, People, Testing/QA and Documents in a Table/Chart

Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) is carried out via different process models(Waterfall ,Spiral ,Incremental ,Agile ,etc) because of the type, business impact and complexity of the project going to be built. But following phases are basis for any process models.

Initiate > Define > Design > Coding > Testing > Development. 

Looks like Waterfall Model! Yup! Though this model is a classic one it is the base model (or series of phases) for other parallelized models including Agile Processes. And also type of people who involved and documents created also commonly similar. We may find out small differences to some extent, but if we have thorough understandings of these basics we may proceed with any critical processes and solutions.

“Apply fundamentals, for technological innovations” – an engineering principal.

Various people involved in various phases of various process models in various projects which results in plenty of documents. Isn’t it bit complex? Yup. But as software engineers it is our duty to implement error free applications to people to consume.

Is it ok if the Software Testing team/ Quality Assurance Team come into play only ofter Coding? No, Involvement of QA team is necessary from early stages of the cycle.

See the following grid to get an understanding,


[table id=1 /]


If you have any updates those needs to apply to the above chart, please comment below.


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