Hill Side Ride in SriLanka – with Maria From Spain

Hill Side Ride in SriLanka is an adventurous and energizing experience that sooth the mind. At above 400M sea level ride among Nuckles Mountains Range, and water-falls down the streams in chill climate nicely fitted for Spiritual Journeys.

We never meet someone by accident, all those who come into our lives teach us a ‘lesson’. An experience that helps us to carry forward onto future.

Maria – A Sister with same dimensions

Maria is a Yoga Teacher from Canary Islands, Spain. She practices Pranayma(m) and meditation on daily basis. She also a surfing enthusiast who loves to surf alongside beautiful beaches.

The Motorbike Ride

It is a 150cc commuter bike that chosen for the pillion ride. We started at noon on mid April of 2019. As Maria wanted to see water-falls and mounts; within 30mins up-hill-ride we reached Bambarakiri Ella.

Bambarakiri Ella – Getting Ruined

It was sad to note that wonderful place is getting ruined by local people. It is beer cans and litters thrown in and surround the area. People need to take good care of this natural pool!

After a deep bath in the stream we had more time to ride up the mounts to the Ravelston and farther to Ilukkumbura. Refreshed with king coconuts on top of the hill at Ravelston and rode down to the other side of the mount up to Ilukkumbura water stream.

Ilukkumbura Natural Pool

Spend some time there and after another bath in the stream, we return back towards the Matale town to the Aluviharaya Rock Cave Temple. This where the ancient script of Tripitaga got transcribed.

Next Day Ride

Next Day, Maria wanted to go to temples. We begun with entering Matale Muthumariamman Kovil. We explore and worship the famous Hindu temple of Lord Mother Parashakthi who graces as Amman.

Maria And Me

A 30min ride from there took us to Nalanda Gedige which considered as the center of SriLanka. Amazed with the stone carvings at 14th Century and spirituality serves around the calm area.

Nalanda Gedige – The Center of SriLanka

Got back to residency for the lunch and a nap. Surely Maria a got struggled a lot because spicy lunch. Sorry Maria! 🙂

In the evening, after an off-road hill side ride we reached to an end of the riding path. Then we had to hike for 5mins to reach the Serugala- Statue of Lord Buddha.

A walk down the hill in Matale

With the sun shading down, Maria wanted to walk back to the residency. I sent back the bike with some friends. It was a walk through tall trees and loving local people. Then we went for a shopping and then got back to the residence in the evening.

The Spiritual Journey

With the Rudraaxsha Mala in neck and the picture of Gayathri Dhevi in purse, I’m impressed with sister Maria. As a country with rich in culture and religious it is rare to find a such a person here itself. While our people are attracted to western habituals; westerns are found the truth practiced by our ancient souls.

Maria love to spend her time in Ashrams and admired with chanting mantras. We got united in the journey of searching the wisdom and feeling the inner self. Empathic! Some of the conversations those we went through can be understandable only to awaken souls.

Maria and Me at Serugala while talking about the Universal Energy

As far as I know, Pranayama is part of Vaasi-Yogam thus, Vasi-Yogam is ‘a’ part of Siva-Yogam. Some things can be learn by reading and continuous practice, but to really feel the unknown; the Supreme-Self via Higher-Self; a Guru is mandatory. Guru appears when the student is ready.

The real abundance living is the unattached life. It is not about throwing away all your Bandams (Bonds) and go away for Sanyasa, but can live as a Karma-Yogi. Complete all your responsibilities. It all depends person to person. There are different methods/ways a person get awaken and continue the journey.

Remember that you are not the result of your past experiences, but the unique attitudes and action on future events!

The talk continues and on in finding the Supreme Self! Let’s stop by here for the post. Thank you for reading. Good Ahead!

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