Routing Network Traffic : For Traffic Capture

Routing Traffic IP is a routed protocol; that is, none of the nodes on the network need to know the exact location of any other nodes. Instead, when one node wants to send traffic to another node that it isn’t directly connected to, it sends the traffic to a gateway node, which forwards the traffic… Continue reading Routing Network Traffic : For Traffic Capture

Google Reconnaissance or Foot-printing

filetype:type – Searches for only files with specific type. Example ; filetype:pdf intitle:string – searches for pages contains string in title. Example: intitle:login inurl:url – displays pages with url in pages. site:domain – can be combined with other searches. Example: passwd. would return all pages with text ”passwd’ in

FootPrinting / Reconnaissance

Collecting information prior for exploiting a vulnerability. This would be the first step of an attack. Benefits Of FootPrintng Know the security posture of the target Reduce the focus area or attack surface Identify holes, vulnerabilities precisely Network Map Active FootPrinting Active FootPrinting is direct engagement with the target. Involves the use of tools and techniques… Continue reading FootPrinting / Reconnaissance