104.4 Manage Disk Quotas

Commands : quota, edquoata, repquota, quotation

Setup Disk quota for the filesystem

Disk quotas enables set storage limits for and individual user.

Quota limits can be added to the /etc/fstab file

A ‘soft limit’ can be exceeded to for the duration of grace period.

The soft limit is enforced as a ‘hard limit’ once the grace period expires.

The hard limit cannot be exceeded

The ‘quotation, command enables quotas for the file system

quotacheck -c

creates quotas defined in /etc/fstab

Install ‘quota’ if not installed

apt install quota

quotacheck -cuav

Scans system for quota

‘repquota’ is utility for reporting quota

repquota -auvgs

To turn on quota for those specified on fstab

quotaon -augv

To specify a user for a quota limit

setquota -u user1 10 100 200 500 /mydata

setquota -u <user> <storage soft limit> <storage hard limit> <inode soft limit> <inode hard limit> <mounted point>

Finally, to enable quota

quotacheck -avf

These are not editable files. These are system files.

If you run ‘repquota -auvgs’ , you could see that quota being set to the specific user.

Quotas also can be set to groups.

setquota -g user 10 100 200 500 /mydata

Quota can be edit, using ‘edquota’ command

edquota user1

After editing, force it again with,

quotacheck -avf

‘warnquota’ command helps to report and quota violations

warnquota -u

Edit, Check and generate user quota reports

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